S06E04 Take Two: GoT Another Book?

Johnny, Alex and special guest, Chadwick Hubbard sit down to sink their teeth in a little deeper into episode 4 of season 6 of “Game of Thrones,” “Book of the Stranger”! Main topics of conversation included the Pink Letter, Osha and Rickon, Yara and Theon, the High Sparrow and Dany and Jon’s parallel journeys. Enjoy!

S06E04 – GoT a Book?

Alex and Johnny discuss of episode 4 of season 6 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Alex calls it one of the best episodes of television she’s ever seen, but Johnny? Not so much! Tune in to listen to us fight it out in one of TWO episodes this week (we’re doing a “Take 2” Thursday mornings from now on!). We also share details about our upcoming live shows at the Impro Theater and the Hollywood Improv, our new Patreon campaign, not to mention debuting our new, fan-created theme song. Press play, already!

S06E03 – GoT an Oathbreaker?

Alex and Johnny talk episode 3 of season 6 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” “Oathbreaker.” There’s a bit of a glitch and the part of our discussion that focuses on Qyburn and his army of children is missing (I know, I’m rekt, too), but there’s roughly two other hours of audio for you to enjoy! If you don’t make it to the end of the podcast, hear this! We are taking theme song submissions from you! Call 213-290-4492 and give us your best rendition of the GoT theme and we’ll feature the best/funniest/most ridiculous one on the show next week as our theme song! You can also e-mail a recording to gotthronespodcast@gmail.com.

Rewatch Season 3 Episode 8 – GoT Sons?

Johnny and Alex return from their triumphant trip to SVCC to discuss episode 8 of season 3 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” “Second Sons.” This is the one where Gendry makes the colossal mistake of not establishing a safe word with Melisandre, Dany acquires some new muscle… naked…, and Tyrion and Sansa have the BEST. WEDDING. EVER. Oh, Cersei threatens Margery’s life because, #SISTERHOOD. ————————————-

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