Cos-Losseum – “Face/Off” alums Anthony Reyes and Rashaad Santiago!

Alex and Johnny welcome guests Anthony Reyes and Rashaad Santiago from SyFy’s “Face/Off”! We sit down with our two delightful guests at Cos-Losseum 2016, a cosplay convention in San Diego for an awesome discussion the show from the perspective of the makeup/fx department. To be fair, this episode turned out to be so much more than that, though. We talk Thrones theorycraft, Emilia Clarke gossip, on-set dos and don’ts, what it’s like to film a smartphone screen, and Cersei’s ratched, ratched wig. Tune in at the end for Anthony and Rashaad’s Best and Worst Thrones makeup/FX moments. It’s become one of our favorite segments.