Season Six Deadpool – King’s Landing Gen. Pop.

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The situation in the capitol is perilous at best for everyone involved. The power that used to rest in the hands of a deranged alcoholic now rests in the hands of a deranged zealot who’s either eliminated, neutralized or absorbed all opposing forces. Lady Olenna has retreated to Highgarden in fear, Jaime’s been declawed, and Tommen, Margery and Kevan have all embraced the new regime in order to survive. Perhaps if Littlefinger or Varys were around some sneaky assassination could be arranged, but the Faith Militant have such strong support in the general population that any action against their leader could plunge the city into catastrophic anarchy. An unsurprising development when one takes into account the leadership vacuum created by years of civil war and violence endured at the hands of a self-serving ruling class.

But while the High Sparrow may have locked down control for the time being, there’s one simmering pot of mental instability that he’s counted out too early, and that is Cersei Bruthafuckin’ Lannister. All signs point her burning King’s Landing to the ground before the season is out. Her dead calm while enduring Olenna and Kevan’s naked disdain and her lack of protest when forbidden to attend Myrcella’s funeral was alarming to say the least. This was not the silence of capitulation, but obviously the silence of someone meticulously cataloging a mental “To Be Murdered” list (Roose Bolton was also fond of this type of silence).

Beyond that, the man responsible for her very public humiliation and total fall from grace has appropriated her only surviving son, and in achieving this final coup, has managed to eliminate any allies to Cersei’s cause that would help her achieve a non-violent end to the Faith Militant’s regime. Conclusion? She’s about to choose violence–lots and lots of violence if the trailers and Bran’s visions are any indication–and she is more than equipped. She has a shiny new Mountainbot itchin’ to crack skulls and she knows where ALL the Wildfire is buried.

Now, one could speculate that Cersei’s endgame revolves around breaking her son free of the Sparrow’s influence, but I don’t see it. There’s a hopelessness to her character this season that leads me to believe she thinks Tommen is as lost to her as Joffrey and Myrcella, just to a different poison. It feels very, very likely that she’d strike down her own son preemptively to save him from becoming the High Sparrow’s slave, and this time there is no Tywin on horseback riding to save the day. Not to mention the fact that it would simultaneously save her from having to worry about that pesky prophecy any longer. We’ll find out in about fifteen minutes whether or not this story has a happy ending, but I’m not optimistic.

King’s Landing? You in danger, Girl.

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  1. Was listening to the podcast on my way to work this morning when the above was discussed and it was theorized that Jamie may end up killing Cersei if she goes hog crazy and decides to ‘burn then all’ with wild fire (Mad King flash backs). This would complete Cersie prophecy from Maggie about the Valonqar but it also got me thinking about another ASOIAF legend… light bringer. My understanding (which is limited) is that light bringer was tempered in a Lions heart and then in the heart of the woman he loved. Cersei being a Lannister (lion) if killed by Jamie (the women he loves) = Light Bringer?!

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