2 thoughts on “S06E02 – GoT Home?

  1. Hi,

    I like your podcast very much.
    I was listening to the “GOT Home?” episode. And I was very interested by how much you seemed frustrated by some little things in a show you globally love very much.

    I would like to share how I reconcile some stuff in my head to the extent that they don’t bother me anymore. Once I came to realize this, I stopped nitpicking a good number of situations.

    The idea is: “Always assume a reasonable amount of time has passed”.

    We have the bad tendency to believe, when a sequence follows another, it happened immediately after. It’s a wrong assumption.

    To be specific with an example you mentionned during the podcast, just after Bailon Greyjoy fell from the bridge, we witness his funeral. But it doesn’t mean it happened the day after. There is no indication (in fact, never in this show) how long has passed: maybe 3 days, maybe 1 week, maybe 1 month… You don’t know…

    So yeah, the iron borns might have looked for him for quite some time not knowing what happened to him… They might have found his body maybe one week later… They might have restored it the best they could and organized this traditional funeral in a fourth night following his death…

    That’s how I always deal with the “time factor” in Game of Thrones… I always assume a reasonable amount of time has passed, even if they don’t explicitely say it…And it works quite well for me…

    But I still can’t help nitpicking a few other stuff (plot holes?):

    * How did Sansa and Reek survive that jump?
    * What happened to the hounds when Brienne saved Sansa?
    * How did Jorah and Dario know which way to go to trail so precisely a flying dragon?

    Anyway, just wanted to share this “tip”.
    Have a nice season 6.

    PS: I posted this comment on the “ABOUT” page by mistake. Please delete it.

    • Hi Alassane – thanks for listening!

      When we’re nitpicking like that, it’s coming from a point of love. From a screenwriting perspective, we as an audience are trained to think that things that happen sequentially on screen are happening sequentially in the story. That’s not always the case, and when it isn’t, it can be jarring. The real answer is “juggling this many plotlines is a challenge, and it would take D&D more time and be less exciting to continually explain the time frame.” It’s something we notice, though, and it’s fun to talk about.

      The dog thing doesn’t bother me personally so much. In my head, they were tracking dogs and not fighting dogs, and they ran off. I agree with you on Daario and J-Bear, though!

      Thanks for listening and commenting!

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