Rewatch/Reread S02E03 – GoT What’s Dead?

Having some issues transferring the podcast to an awesome new hosting service, folks! Until I can get it embedded properly, S02E03 is available at  for your downloading and streaming pleasure!

Johnny and Alex discuss season 2, episode 3 of “Game of Thrones,” “What is Dead May Never Die,” along with the corresponding chapters of A Clash of Kings. Spoilers ALL, you’ve been warned. In case you’re having trouble remembering this episode, it’s the one where Theon chooses the Dark Side. Like, a lot. Also, Tyrion drops some serious “West Wing” on the High Council his first week as Hand, and Yoren meets an untimely, if awesome death.

Joining us late? Just want to listen us without getting emotionally gutted a second time by re-experiencing the Red Wedding?

Also, Johnny and Alex stumble their way into writing a brand new character for the show. Check out 24:21 to learn more about Steve Baratheon.