Rewatch Season 3 Episode 8 – GoT Sons?

Johnny and Alex return from their triumphant trip to SVCC to discuss episode 8 of season 3 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” “Second Sons.” This is the one where Gendry makes the colossal mistake of not establishing a safe word with Melisandre, Dany acquires some new muscle… naked…, and Tyrion and Sansa have the BEST. WEDDING. EVER. Oh, Cersei threatens Margery’s life because, #SISTERHOOD. ————————————-


-00:00:00 Intro/Episode Discussion

-00:06:52 Arya

-00:14:14 Dany

-00:24:15 Dragonstone

-00:37:20 Kings Landing

-01:07:30 Sam and Gilly