Rewatch Season 3 Episode 6 – GoT a Climb?

Johnny and Alex discuss the masterful episode 6 of season 3 of HBO’s “Game of Throne,” “The Climb.” The hosts agree that this was a brilliant hour of television and basically fan out over every minute from Theon’s introduction to the Bolton family pastime to Edmure’s… hesitant acceptance of a Frey bride to Jon and Ygritte’s sweet, but doomed romance. We also mull over what a spa day in As’hai might look like. Weird, is the answer.


-00:00:00 Intro, Episode Overview

-00:07:34 Sam

-00:13:27 Bran

-00:21:47 Arya

-00:51:59 Jon

-00:59:01 Theon

-01:06:38 Robb

-01:12:00 Jaime/Brienne

-01:19:20 Kings Landing