Rewatch Season 3 Episode 4 – GoT a Watch?

Alex and Johnny talk episode 4 of season 3 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” “And Now His Watch is Ended.” This is the one where Jeor gets stabbed in the back by a whiny dope not worth mentioning. Craster dies, too, though, so it’s not ALL bad. Also, Olenna, Varys and Margery awesome all over Kings Landing, giving Sansa false hope for her future, Arya meets Berric “Robin Hood” Dondarrion, Theon gets PUNK’D and Dany murders a bunch of people in Astapor. But she does it with serious style, so we’re not mad at her.


<00:00:00 - Intro>

<00:15:02 - Jaime>

<00:31:12 - Kings Landing>

<01:12:52 - Arya>

<01:23:16 - Beyond the Wall>

<01:33:21 - Theon>

<01:41:15 - Dany>


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