ReWatch ReRead Season 2 Episode 6: GoT the Gods? (with Chadwick Hubbard)

Since Johnny’s out of town, Alex and guest-host Chadwick Hubbard talk episode 6 of season 2 of “Game of Thrones,” “The Old Gods and the New,” and the corresponding chapters in A Clash of Kings. MUCH in the way of plot happens this episode – Jon meets Ygritte and one of the most accurate phrases in history is born. At Harrenhal, Arwin keeps reminding us all why they should have been shipped WAY harder, in Kings Landing the Hound rescues Sansa from almost rape, and Tyrion pimpslaps Joffrey for causing a riot. And finally, in the horror aisle, that bald drag queen magician steals Dany’s dragons, and we finally get to see the look on someone’s face as they’re beheaded. Thanks, Theon. RIP, Roderik Cassel. You were a true knight.

Time Codes if you don’t care about how Chadwick and Alex know each other or their thoughts on Vegas:

00:00:00 Intro

00:07:05 Theon/Winterfell

00:20:20 Jon/North of the Wall

00:37:00 Robb/Talisa/Catelyn/Westerlands

00:47:10 Sansa/Tyrion/Kings Landing

01:02:28 Arya/Petyr/Tywin/Harrenhal

01:16:36 Danerys/Qarth