ReWatch ReRead Season 2 Episode 7 – GoT a Man?

Alex and Johnny  talk episode 7 of season 2 of “Game of Thrones,” “A Man Without Honor,” and the corresponding chapters in A Clash of Kings. This is the one where Ygritte plays Jon Snow for the quivering virgin he is, Sansa finally gets a visitor, and Dany finds out Multiple Man stole her dragons. Oh, and Theon kills a couple of kids. NBD.

Time Codes

Intro – 00:00:00

Theon/Bran – 00:05:00

Jon/Ygritte – 00:15:28

Arya/Tywin – 00:27:45

Sansa/Cersei – 00:47:15

Robb/Cat/Jaime – 01:10:27

Danerys – 01:20:38

Theon – 01:31:18

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