ReWatch ReRead Season 2 Episode 5 – GoT the Ghost?

Johnny and Alex discuss episode 5 of season 2 of “Game of Thrones,” “The Ghost of Harrenhal” along with the corresponding chapters of A Clash of Kings. Spoilers ALL. Not much plot movement here (aside from Renly’s untimely demise), but plenty of discovery. Arya finds out she can Postmate murder, Theon realizes that his new crew feels the same way about him that his family does, Tyrion figures out Cersei’s entire defensive strategy is a giant Molotov cocktail (and he’s not mad at it), and Dany Paris Hiltons all over Qarth, but learns of Bobby B’s death between cocktails. Time to invade Westeros now that her dragons can ALMOST cook a cube of meat.

Oh, and Beyond the Wall, the audience finds out that Chuck Norris moved to Westeros, and he goes by the name of Quorin fucking Halfhand.

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