Everything You Need to Know About HBO’s “Hall of Faces” Exhibit at SDCC2016!

HBO’s SDCC “Game of Thrones” fan experience remains the best photo-op of your life.

Produced by CAA, the interactive event is heavily Braavos-themed, prominently featuring costumes worn by Arya, Jaqen, and the Waif. Guests can also pose with Needle which is hilariously petite when compared with the Mountain’s person-sized great sword that was exhibited last year.

Also on display—a new line of “Game of Thrones” jewelry from Mey DesignsDragonStorm is a sterling silver collection inspired by Danerys and one that evokes evokes her taste for dramatic pieces. There’s a replica of her dragon choker, but also some subtler accessories for some less obvious fangirling.



There’s a fun, kind of creepy section called Melisandre’s Fires that features clips from Season 6 when you stare into the flames. And, of course, HBO is featuring their own merchandise exclusively available from the HBO store, but which can be easily purchased at the event via iPad. I may own a Dany-Rides-Drogon FunkoPop doll. Maybe. I definitely own “Game of Thrones” Clue.
Finally, fans can add their own photos to the “Hall of Faces.” Peer into one of several iPad stations and a helpful PA will align you properly on the screen and show you how to take, adjust and of course share your photo on social media and an actual Wall of Faces in the exhibit itself. PRO-TIP – MAKE SURE YOU PRINT BEFORE YOU EXIT OUT OF THE SCREEN. Those behind you are unforgiving when it comes to retakes.


I didn’t print mine, is what I’m saying. But Johnny did!

And, as always, you can make a fool out of yourself on the Iron Throne.
Or take it very seriously.
Or both!





All in all, the most fulfilling fan experience this side of Hall H, and you don’t need a badge! You can find it at 628 L Street, across from the Omni Hotel.