GoT Scoobs? GoT Thrones? Episode 6

Johnny and Alexandra tackle the episode’s “controversial” ending, how Arya’s doing in drama school and her visit to the Cave of Faces, Petyr Baelish’s master plan, and, of course, “The Great Dornish Caper!” starring our new favorite couple, Bronn and Jaime. First one to send a B/J slash fic our way wins a shoutout! Also, there is much, much Scooby Doo to be had this week. You’ll see.

All Men Must Fry: GoT Thrones? Episode 5

Johnny makes his triumphant return after sitting Shiva for Ser Barristan, and he and Alexandra dive right into such trenchant topics as, “Big Brother: The Vale of Arryn Edition,” why one NEVER goes full Greyscale, Shireen’s impending doom and Tormund Giantsbane’s use of sign-language. AVOID minutes 23-27 if you don’t want to be spoiled for something minor – things got away from us. Also, ignore me when I say that this is one of our shorter episodes. It’s not.

Daddy Daughter Day: GoT Thrones? Episode 4

Join Alexandra and special guest host, stand up comedian Jodi Miller as they discuss Jaime’s journey to get his balls back, Melisandre’s magical Brazilian, whether or not Bran will be able to have children, and the utterly unnecessary demise of everyone’s favorite knight/Pop Pop. Also, Alexandra drops a “Star Wars” reference. You’re welcome, Star Wars Fans. May the 4th be blah blah blah…