ReWatch ReRead Season 3 Episode 2 – GoT Wings?

The rewatch continues with episode 2 of season 3 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” “Dark Wings, Dark Words.” Despite some of the usual death and torture, this episode is positively lighthearted in the grand scheme of things. Brienne and Jaime have about ten minutes of hilarious banter before they get themselves captured, Margery shows us all what a boss looks like when she gets Joffrey to like her without wanting to see her insides and Lady MFin’ Olenna arrives with her Cheeseboy to show Kings Landing what no fuck’s given REALLY looks like. Move over, Tywin. Oh, and we also meet Ramsay Bolton, but that won’t be important until later. RIP Hoster Tully



00:00:00  Intro

00:13:10  Episode Overview

00:18:32  Bran/Jojen/Meera

00:29:52  Cat/Robb/Talisa

00:45:22  Theon

00:57:30  Brienne and Jaime

01:03:01  Jon/Sam

01:11:25  Kings Landing

01:22:15 Arya